It’s July and summer is officially upon us.

Though we may start dreaming about our cooler climate when the first heat wave hits, Californians are passionate about soaking up the few short summer months of vitamin D. Whether enjoying happy hour outside on a patio, picnicking at the park or splashing in the waves of the pacific coast we love to be outside. It is important to remember to protect our skin through the scorching summer months.

With that said, here are some Bigelow Family Home Care effective skin care tips:

1. Stay Hydrated: Drinking water during the summer months will not only help you avoid the symptoms of dehydration from dizziness to dry mouth—it also helps keep your skin feeling fresh. Bigelow Family Home Care specializes in monitoring liquid intake to ensure our clients are always well hydrated.

2. Use a Serum: There are a few key skincare products that you should invest in, and one is a serum. Skincare serums usually come in a gel form and have a higher concentration of active ingredients that can penetrate the skin deeper than a moisturizer, all while giving skin extra hydration.

3. Wear Sunscreen: When picking a sunscreen look for broad spectrum UVA/UVB, one that is water resistant, has a high SPF, and apply it often.

4. Keep Skin Moisturized: Apply moisturizer multiple times a day, and find one that is light and soaks in quickly so that you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation. Let Bigelow Family Home Care assist you in selecting and applying the right one for you.

5. Sun Coverage//Floppy Hats: Although the scorching temperatures may persuade us to shed the layers, covering up is crucial to blocking the suns rays. A great floppy hat is a chic way to add an extra step of protection.

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