When or if the day comes that you discover your loved one to be diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can and very likely will be a difficult time of adjustment for everyone involved. There are things you may not think of right off the top of your head, and clearly, your parent will need someone to help them through it all. Make sure to bring a notepad when you visit the doctor because he may be able to give you some local resources such as support group, and tips on coping with the news, ask your doctor questions about available treatments, required medications and what to look out for, especially if you are going to be the sole caregiver for your loved one. It may be more of a job than you’re thinking it is, and you will definitely need a break at some point, where will you turn, are there other people in the family you can count on? Check into their life and supplemental insurance to see if they have purchased long-term care, there could be a benefit that would cover an in-home care service provider for you.

Bigelow Family Home Care would like to be a resource for you by offering a complimentary in-home consultation. The Bigelow Family has provided home care assistance for seniors and the disabled in the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties since 2010. When you become a part of Bigelow Family Home Care, you are treated like a family member with access to on-call assistance 24/7.

Our providers are extensively cleared through the Department of Justice, the State of California, and drug tested. To take advantage of our pressure-free consultation, give us a call at (800) 804-8845 and let the operator know you saw this on our website

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