Tips for Staying Healthy this Labor Day Weekend

For many people, Labor Day Weekend is a time to celebrate friends, family, food and some of the very last warm days of summer. Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine, spending time outside the house or firing up the grill, there are plenty of ways for you to participate in the holiday weekend without sacrificing your health and progress.Here is a few tips from Bigelow Family Home Care to get you ready for that long over due Labor Day weekend.

Plan ahead –
Know where you’ll be spending the extended weekend so you know how to prepare for it. Make sure you have a lean, healthy snack before hosting or attending any social gathering so that you’ll be less likely to indulge and make poor food choices later on. For tips on snacking healthy, any Bigelow Family Home Care Caregiver would be happy to assist you.

Bring your own food –
If you’re attending a get-together where others are bringing food, consider bringing your own dish to add. For example, bring a platter of colorful roasted vegetables or a dip that’s low in fat and calories for fruits, veggies, etc. With a caregiver from Bigelow Family Home Care they can help in all and any meal prep.

Hydrate –
Depending on where you live, temperatures may be cooling down – but it’s still important to stay hydrated! If water seems a bit too dull, try flavored infusers or flavored ice cubes to give it extra taste. Drinking plenty of water will also reduce hunger, give you energy and boost your metabolism. Please do not hesitate to ask any of our certified Bigelow Family Home Care caregivers for information about the importance of water, and hydration.

Get active –
Instead of making food the center of your holiday, go out with some friends and family and get active together! You might try a short camping trip, a visit to the beach, a team sport or even kayaking. The holiday weekend is a great time for trying different activities!

Enjoy the weekend –
Remember to have fun! Celebrating the holiday is a great way to boost your happiness and catch a break from all of your hard work. Don’t be afraid to celebrate!

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